Lisa Löwenstein
Design and Art Direction
Client: Ehret + Klein, Real Estate, Starnberg
Info: Pitch-Projekt, Beispielhafte Darstellung von Inhalten und Bildern, keine Umsetzung, Veröffentlichung oder kommerzieller nutzen
Year: 2023
Magazine design
Participation in a pitch project for the real estate company Ehret + Klein. The magazine should contribute to a real dialog of urban development, create trust, stimulate exchange as well as make the network and the transmediality of E+K visible. What does urban mean, how does innovation show itself and how can this be visually represented? The contemporary design character works with graphic elements that create calm and trust to elements that convey movement and innovation. There is no limitation of the color world, thus diversity and the constant change of urban living spaces are represented, unusual color combinations appear modern and lively. High-quality images with strong contrasts show urban life. In each issue, one theme is illustrated, creating a changing character that arouses the consumer‘s curiosity.
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