Lisa Löwenstein
Design and Art Direction
Client: Workgrounds, Coworking Spaces, Berlin and Munich
Year: 2023
Corporate Design
Workgrounds is the first true boutique workplace in Germany. Situated in a fashionable urban location, Workgrounds is intentionally small and stylish, with a limited number of spaces that offer a personal touch to every tenant and an intimate feeling of being taken care of. Workgrounds features a strong artistic sense and focuses on design, engaging the creativity and passion of the makers and the community in which it operates. To provide the people a feel-good environment, Workgrounds collaborates with high-quality partners such as top cooks, sports experts, artists, motivational speakers, coaches, spiritual leaders and beyond.

A stylish and emotional design supports the values of Workgrounds. Contrasting light, friendly pastel tones with dark image compositions as well as avant-garde and classic design elements, this creates a modern, sensual and approachable brand presence.
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