Lisa Löwenstein
Design and Art Direction
Client: Farmers Cut, Lebensmittel, Hamburg u. Berlin
in collaboration with: Gellert Marketing u. nudo
Year: 2018
Anytime, any climate, any place, any green – Farmers Cut is fundamentally rethinking agriculture in the 21st century. The company combines the advantages of the best local farms with the advances of modern technology. With the belief that it will revolutionize urban food supply sustainably and holistically, Farmers Cut has developed its own indoor cultivation technology – called Dryponics. Vertical indoor agriculture that provides the population with urban, locally grown, pesticide-free green plants in an extremely sustainable and productive manner. Redesign of the design elements with the main focus on the website. The design idea shows a “cut-out” effect with graphic stylistic devices, which is particularly emphasized in digital media by Prallax effects.
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