Lisa Löwenstein
Design and Art Direction
Client: Simon Weiß and Roland Treffeisen, Winery, Bahlingen Kaiserstuhl
in collaboration with: Jana Bär
Year: 2022
The two wineries Simon Weiß and Roland Treffeisen merge to form one winery. Due to the diversity of the two locations of the wineries, the Weiß-Treffeisen winery can produce and offer a wide range of quality varieties. The focus of their work is the careful use of natural resources and the environment. The winery impresses with 2 winemakers, 2 locations and 2 different soils. Unfortunately, due to the reality of work and life in 2020, the project could not be finalized and implemented. Various logos and design approaches were developed on the basis of the bottle ticket. The focus of the design was the cooperation between two wineries and the resulting peculiarity of two different locations and soils.
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